Kalendi™ Benefits

Becoming a customer requires more than a great list of features! Read about all the ways you can benefit using Kalendi™.

Easy to implement and maintain

Kalendi™ can be purchased as Software as a Service (SaaS).
This means that you:

  • Have absolutely nothing to download or install.
  • Be up and running in as quick as 10 minutes!
  • Save time and money by relying on our secure servers, our network infrastructure, and our top-tier data center.
  • Immediately benefit from new features that we frequently release.
  • Enjoy rapid fixes when bugs interfere with your productivity.
Latest Technology

At Happy Jack Software, an experienced, talented team of developers works constantly to integrate the latest technology into our product.

  • We develop all of our software using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to make them as responsive as possible.
  • We offer customizable RSS, Atom, and iCal feeds to make our event information as portable as possible.
  • Our philosophy of "the Web as platform," is demonstrated with our interlocking and interacting content.
  • Our technology adheres to standards that support the interoperable exchange of calendar and scheduling information between programs and platforms.
Innovative and interactive website calendar solutions

Kalendi™ can turn your website into an interactive event promotion system.

  • When you add events to your Kalendi™ Calendars, you are creating information that feeds more than the calendar, it feeds your website widgets.
  • Examples of widgets are mini website calendars, upcoming events lists, and calendar lists.
  • Embedding widgets throughout your website is as easy as copying and pasting in some Javascript tags.
  • You can customize your widgets to flawlessly integrate into your website by matching your brand.
  • What Are Widgets?
Deep features, approachable user interface

Kalendi™ combines a sophisticated feature set with an intuitive user interface that anyone in your organization can use.

  • Recurring events. Custom event fields. Event submission. Moderated calendars. Our feature set satisfies most needs of event promotion requirements.
  • Our flexible permissions hierarchy allows you to delegate event maintenance while maintaining control over calendar and account creation.
  • Modular components let you add more and more interactive features
  • See all of our features
Increase Event Attendance

Kalendi™ is interactive, which increases the likelihood that your audience will find and attend your events. Calendar visitors can:

  • Search for events.
  • Filter events by category.
  • View events on their terms.
  • Add events to their personal calendars.
  • Get email or text message reminders.
  • Get notified when events change or are added.
  • Map locations of events
Excellent customer service!

Whether you are in the process of implementing Kalendi™ or you are already a customer, we are there when you need us.

  • We do more than sell you a subscription. We will work with you through your implementation and serve as a liaison between you and our development team to ensure that you get the solution you want. Contact us toll free at 1(877)-307-0020.
  • To get answers to questions after you are up and running, refer to our comprehensive online Help or contact customer support by email or phone.
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