Interested in seeing some of our community calendars in action?

Institutional Calendar -- University of Wyoming

With hundreds of events happening throughout a semester, The University of Wyoming uses an institutional, moderated calendar.This allows organizations throughout the University to easily publish and promote their event. Students, parents, faculty, even the media can easily and quickly find events!

Community Calendars -- Albany County, Visalia, CA

Every City has lots happening from the annual 5K Fox Trot to community Town Hall meetings about city planning. A City Community Calendar is a perfect example of how a city can help its citizens, businesses, and organizations keep track of all events. Community Calendars also can increase page views and revenues.

Linking it from the local newspaper, quickly makes it a community staple.

City Newspaper - Boomerang

Newspapers always seek to increase readership. An Event Calendar in the online version of the newspaper is the perfect way to promote the paper and get folks to buy the printed weekly version that provides readers with the upcoming week's community events.

Business Community Calendar- Wyoming Business Council

Promoting businesses and their events around the state usually takes place through local chambers, state business councils, and economic development boards. The Wyoming Business Council community calendar facilitates organizations and state agencies to connect calendars and promote events together!

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